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We Enable You to Follow Your Why

Whether you're in the boardroom, or trying to get there, we help you pinpoint where you will thrive. We have a proven methodology that gets you from where you are to where you should be professionally - even if means excelling in the role you are already in! 

Who Needs Career Empowerment Coaching?

Women in Business

Successful women in business sometimes reach a self-perceived plateau, whether an entrepreneur or corporate leader, that seemingly holds them back from sustaining high impact on their career. At FLINT, we provide the type of actionable insight that gets women executives get back on track and stay on track through group empowerment sessions, building powerful business plans, and provocative thought that will allow the visioning process to come alive and deeply rejuvenate our clients.

Unemployed Persons

Although companies may pay for placement services and resume builders, they don't often help you land your next job. Investing in a career coach is not only affordable, it can help you heal from the shock of layoff, overcome the feelings of imposter syndrome, and rejuvenate your confidence to find a more lucrative opportunity. Likewise if you are returning to work after an extended hiatus - whether you took a gap year or raised 5 kids (the most important job) we can help you weave a great narrative to get you hired!

New or Tenured Leaders

FLINT has helped countless leaders bring their best selves to the table.  Going from the individual contributor role to leading a team, or having led for years and needing some rejuvenation - whether you lead a team of two or two hundred - FLINT has a proven successful coaching method for leaders called C6 Leadership Coaching (patent pending) - see below for more information).

People Pivoting Careers

We have helped engineers pivot to marketing roles, plumbers to teachers, and teachers to corporate jobs. Every skill is transferrable and all experience is valuable - we help people migrate over to more aspirational opportunities seamlessly.

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How Does Coaching Work?

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Coaching is designed to keep your head in the game. Be it football, business, or life. Anything that requires you to strategize and chart your course toward achieving goals will benefit from proper coaching. And attaining the best career is one of those things.

We start with a free consultation to discuss where you are, meet you there, and map out the path ahead.  Over the course of a series of 1-to-1 sessions you will be empowered with a stellar resume, solid personal brand, and exemplary interviewing skills to land the job of your dreams.


SPARK Sessions

60-minute 1-on-1 rejuvenation sessions for people who just need to have a path lit ahead of them and reignite their way.

- BEACON: Light the way when you are lost professionally and need to determine next steps

- LED: an acronym for Learn, Educate, Discuss – master these 3 elements of an incredible interview

- SPOTLIGHT: Pulse check what may be going on in your career; this is perfect for someone who wants me to take a look at their career path or business plan and offer advice.

Cost: $150/session

(for up to 3 sessions)

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Career Empowerment Program

We have successfully helped over 50 people in 2022 find their next best career. 75% of our clients are pivoting to something completely different, and this award-winning program guides the process. It consists of:

- Career Path Visioning

- Revise your Resume/Cover Letter

- Job Search Optimization

- Personal Brand Building 

- Overcoming Burnout/Imposter Syndrome 

- Strengthening Interview Skills

- Negotiation Strategies

- Sustainability Coaching @ 60-90 Days (When Bad Habits Start to Creep Back In . . .)

Cost: $2800

(includes the creation of an editable resume and cover letter)

C6 Leadership Coaching

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All leadership coaching programs are priced at $3200/per person.  Groups of over 15 can be negotiated at our corporate rate, contact us today for a free estimate at !


Becoming a Leader?

For those who have been on the promotion list WAY too long, career path coaching is a 90-day supercharged way to plan for your ascension.  We assess your strengths in powerful 1:1 coaching sessions, work to strengthen those and build a career path that will get you noticed!


Want to Be the Best Leader?

Already a leader and wanting to be better at it?  FLINT's 90-day, C6 Coaching Program will assess your strengths and opportunities and coach you 1:1 to peak performance in the skills of connection, communication, commitment, curation, cultivation and calibration.


Training a Team of Leaders?

FLINT coaches have decades of experience in corporate consulting and will take groups of leaders through the C6 Coach to LEAD Program which is a 90-day immersion of layered learning: self-guided, virtual classroom, and individual coaching that focus on  strengthening the 6 C-skills of leadership: connection, communication, commitment, curation, cultivation and calibration.

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