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Is It Time For a Career Change?

At FLINT Coaching - we empower people through coaching to pivot seamlessly into the best job of their lives. 

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Why Hire a Coach?

Working with a Coach is More Efficient Than Recruiters or Going It Alone

The employment game has changed. Much like playing a sport, finding a job in today's marketplace requires strategy and perseverance. A seasoned career coach can help you navigate the hiring process with patience and confidence. We are there for you as your co-pilot - no more unreturned calls! 

If you're a leader trying to put together a team, we use the same strategies on the back end to help you build your high-performing team!

Coaches Market YOU More Effectively Than You Can 

Sure, your skills and experience are transferrable to a new opportunity, but can you articulate that concisely to a prospective employer? A certified career coach can help you craft the right narrative for a new venture because they know what employers want to hear. And for our leaders out there, we can help you show up incredibly well in front of your teams.

Incredible Return on Investment 

Career coaches are all about positioning your value for the best offer possible. What you invest in coaching will be far surpassed by the potential earnings you will earn from that next job.

For our leader clients, we help you navigate, strategize, and plan your next moves that will help you and your team  excel.  

How Effective Is Our Coaching? 


Happy Customers Since 2021

<3 months

Average time to hire (2021-2022)

Client Satisfaction Score

5 out of 5


Our Services

We are fiercely dedicated to getting everyone to realize their true career potential.

SPARK Sessions

These 90-minute 1:1 coaching microsessions are perfect for the individual looking for 1-3 quick coaching refreshers on topics such as:

  • Career Pathing Advice

  • Job Search Optimization

  • Resume/Personal Branding

  • Business Planning

  • MBTI, DiSC & ELI-MP assessment evaluations

  • Work/Life Balance 

  • Planning for a Productive Year

  • Planning for Retirement

  • Helping College Students:

    • Resume Building​

    • Interviewing Skills

    • Ask Insightful Questions

    • Negotiation Skills

    • Pivot to Professional Life

Career Seekers Program

This is the essential white glove, concierge-care coaching program that provides resources for the unemployed or painfully still-employed  that consists of 6-8, 60-minute, bimonthly sessions focused on:

  • Visioning/ Charting the Course

  • Resume/Cover Letter Creation Personal Branding

  • Sharpening Interview Skills

  • Negotiation Strategies

  • Assimilation & Transition

Leadership Development

Being a leader in today's world, is no picnic. At FLINT, our coaches have decades of leadership and executive training experience.  Our C6 Coaching Program (patent pending) counsels leaders and sharpens the 6 essential "C" skills of great leaders:

  • Connection - building trust and empathy 

  • Communication - developing actionable written and verbal skills

  • Commitment - skills to better strategize 

  • Curation - building great teams

  • Cultivation - developing & delegating 

  • Calibration - being results-oriented 

What Our Recent Clients Have Said

“Having a personalized coach can cut down the time to be hired, promoted or recover from organizational changes. I was able to find a position that I am really excited about in a few weeks. This is a position that if it were not for my coach, I would have overlooked in my job search. .”

Aditi Gilman, Lean MBB, MBA, BSEE

“As a trusted leader in my organization, I was unsure about how to best lead my people through change during the pandemic.  FLINT Coaching's C6 Program helped me help my people.  I fully believe the program helped me retain good talent and build my credibility.”   

Dave Sharpe, Director of US Sales

"I was on a road to nowhere after 23 years and terrified to jump ship. Andrea Pagnozzi gave me the confidence to take the leap and she ensured my confidence throughout the process to jump, not one, but two levels up the ladder."

Davonte Harris, Executive VP

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